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Indian & African Rhinoceros Antique 1790 Print By Berthault

This is an antique 1790 copper engraving print of the Great Indian and the African Rhinoceros. Measures 7 x 5 inches. The original artwork was by a Frenchman, named Berthault. There are two types of Rhinoceros shown in this engraving. The top one is the single horn Indian Rhino and the bottom one is the two horn African variety.

In the 1700s the single horn rhino was widespread in Northern India. Because of decreasing forest area and poaching now found only in pockets of Assam and Nepal. The African two-horned species once ranged up to Ethiopia in the 1700s. They too declined in numbers for the same reason of ever-decreasing forest area and poaching. Today they are found in small pockets in the southern parts of Africa.

From the early colonial era, many European artists and engravers visited India and Africa to take back impressions of the exotic sights they beheld. Just as it was like Africa, India’s wildlife was also as astonishing to the Europeans. See my posts- 1808 Indian Elephant Antique Print From Buffon., and 1808 The Baby Elephant Antique Print From Buffon. Read about- Rhinoceros.

Did you know- the single Rhino has armor-plating skin the two-horn Rhino has smooth skin. 

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