1808 Indian Elephant Antique Print From Buffon 

This is an antique copper engraving of a female Indian Elephant dating to 1808. The original artwork was by the French naturalist George LeClerc Compte de Buffon who died in 1788. It measures 6 x 4 inch. The 18th century was an age of discovery of new lands and exotic animals. Buffon’s exotic animal illustrations were incomparable at the time.

Histoire Naturelle was Buffon’s works in an encyclopedic collection of copperplate engravings. They were on hand-made paper with scientific descriptions. It became a huge success at the time, the wealthy mostly bought his works. Buffon was gifted with inherited wealth so money was not a problem for using top-quality in his production of works.  

Notwithstanding the flaws in the engravings that were inevitable in that period. But the subject of exotic animal species was exciting enough at the time. Read more-Comte de Buffon. Just like Africa, India’s wildlife was as astonishing to the Europeans with illustrations brought out by Buffon and other naturalists. 

Did you know- steel engravings introduced in the 19th century gave finer details than copper which existed from the 1400s. 

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