Apollo Bunder Before Building the Gateway In Bombay, 1880 Photo

Apollo Bunder Before Building the Gateway In Bombay, 1880 Photo

An old 1880 photo of Apollo Bunder before the Gateway of India in Bombay (Mumbai) was built there. Many already know that Bombay once comprised of a group of seven separate islands. The Portuguese were the first European colonists of the Bombay islands from around 1534 to 1661.

In 1661 this group of seven islands was gifted to King Charles II of England as part of a dowry on his marriage to their Princess Catherine. The King in need of money leased the islands to the East India Company. The Company had then a settlement at Surat. The reclamation to unite the islands commenced in 1715 when the closing of the great breach began between Bombay and Worli.

By 1845 the islands were united into a single landmass. The Apollo Bunder at that time was made into a jetty for the landing of fishing boats and also a fish market. Later it was converted as the principal landing area for passengers arriving from abroad. This was till the nearby port accepted passenger ships by 1920. The Japanese-style pavilion can be seen in the background. A large shed is seen on the right not entirely sure of its exact purpose. Horse carriages seem to be in apparent wait for potential passengers from a ship.

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Did you know – that the Portuguese were likely responsible for the creation of the alphonso mango, through the grafting technique. 

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