Hornby Vellard Bombay, Old Postcard 1955

An old 1955 photo postcard of the Hornby Vellard Bombay, now Mumbai. It is well-known that Bombay once comprised of a group of seven islands. That the Portuguese took control of it in 1535. The seven islands of Bombay were gifted to King Charles II, of England in 1661. As dowry on his marriage to Princess Catharine of Braganza of Portugal.

No reclamation work of any consequence was undertaken until 1715. It was at the initiative of then-British Governor Charles Boone that construction work commenced on the Vellado. Vellado (Portuguese) anglicized to vellard or causeway, was constructed to close the breach between the island of Worli and the H-shaped Bombay island.

The busy road which leads today from Haji Ali junction to Worli has been built on the foundation on the old Vellado. Which was strengthed in the 1780s, rebuilt and known as Hornby Vellard after the British Governor William Hornby. This was the beginning of the massive land reclamation of Mumbai that would take 1½ centuries to complete. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- at the time of Portuguese control the H-shaped island of Bombay was owned by a Portuguese lady Dona Rodrigo De Moncanto. It contained coconut gardens, rice fields, and also extracted toddy from the coconut trees.  

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