The City Of Old Delhi Map 1877

This is an old 1877 map that shows the city of Old Delhi. The map shows the walled city and its five gates- Cashmere Gate (Kashmiri), Cabool Gate (Kabul), Lahori Gate, Delhi & Calcutta Gates. Chandni Chowk is in the center, the Red Fort borders the River Jumna. Delhi of Feroz Shah, Purana Keela or Old Fortress, Haus Khas, Kootub Minar (Qutab Minar) are all outlined in the map.

Also marked is “The Tomb of the bloody Emperor in an artificial lake. Built in 1325.” I’m not sure which Emperor’s tomb they mean’t but probably Humayun. In the north is the “Subzi Mandi” and “Ruins of the hunting palace of Kushak Shikar.” Perhaps “Kushak Mahal”. It also shows Ludlow Castle, Roshanara Garden and Kishungungee (Kishanganj). Interestingly the map is also marked “Rebel lines when city was taken Sept 1857.” Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- Delhi’s history predates even the beginning of the Christian era. 

From the collection- c1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal On Paper Lovers (#5)., Chepauk Palace Chennai From The River, Old Photo 1880., Illuminating Bombay In Honor of Queen Victoria-Old 1875 Print., Casino Hotel At Cochin – Old Postcard 1968

The images are of the actual items from my collection. And Not a photocopy, pirated, reproduced, or stock photos or taken from other sources.