Bombay Bhendi Bazaar & Horse Tram, 1880 Photo

This is an old 1880 glass slide photo of Bhendi Bazaar with a horse-drawn tram in Bombay, now Mumbai. Bhendi Bazaar is located in the south of Bombay, and north of the Fort area. During the British era, this area was under the Indian Quarter. After the reclamation of the seven islands Bombay formed into a single landmass, it had an English Fort from before.

East India Company encouraged skilled Indian and European traders and workmen to settle in and around the Fort. By around the mid-1800s, the British convinced the Indian inhabitants residing within the Fort to relocate to a new area called the Indian Quarter. Also known as the native quarter.

The areas included Bora Bazaar, Bhendi Bazaar, Bhuleshwar, etc. The slide shows a horse pulling a tram in Bhendi Bazaar. First introduced in the city in 1874 as a horse-drawn tramway. By 1907 the tramway was electrified. And after 90 years in operation, the charming Bombay Trams close down once and for all in 1964. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – Bhendi Bazaar is famous for the food delicacies that it has to offer, it has been called ‘A Glutton’s Guide To Mumbai’s Best Bohri Mohalla Food Joints.

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