Bhuleshwar Street British Era Bombay, 1870 Photo

Bhuleshwar Street British Era Bombay, 1870 Photo

This photo is of a busy Bhuleshwar street during the British era in Bombay (Mumbai) from around 1870. Bhuleshwar is literally in the middle with Byculla in the north, Malabar Hill in the west, Colaba in the south, and Mazgaon in the east. It took 2½ centuries for the splintered islands of Bombay to be reclaimed into a single landmass.

The East India Company encouraged different Indian communities to settle down in the new land of Bombay. For the purpose of developing the island in various businesses of trade and commerce. So uniquely each place in Mumbai had colonies of different communities settled down there. The communities that settled in Bhuleshwar were the Gujaratis, Kutchis, and Marwaris, and so on.

Bhuleshwar got its name from the 150-year-old famous Bhuleshwar Temple Mahadev Mandir. The temple is 1000 years old. Read more- God’s own patch ‘” Bhuleshwar. 

Did you know- Dhirubhai Ambani and his family resided in Bhuleshwar till the 1960s.

From the collection- c1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#1).,  Old Photo – Wedding Couple On Temple Chariot 1900.,  Strand Road Kolkata & Horse Drawn Tram Vintage Postcard.,  Antique Print Mahatma Gandhi On The Streets of Mumbai.,  Rare Vintage Book – Madras The Birth Place Of British India


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