Horse-Drawn Tram In British Era Bombay, 1897 Print


An 1897 print of a horse-drawn tram in British Era Bombay (Mumbai). Two Horse-Drawn trams are seen at Bhendi Bazaar. The tramway would be electrified in 1907. However, it entirely closed down its operations in 1964.

Unfortunately gone with it was a piece of the city’s history. The Bombay Horse-Drawn Tramway first opened for the public in 1874. Later switching to electric Trams in 1907. Thirteen years later the double-decker tram would be introduced (1920). But in 1964 this charming British-era transport system closed down. Because of ever-increasing the traffic and possibly because of financial losses.

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Did you know- “BEST” was originally set up in 1873 it was then known as the “Bombay Electric Supply & Tramways”, by 1947 the name changed to “Bombay Electric Supply & Transport”, by 1995 yet again the name changed to “Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport ” or “BEST” for short.

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