Horse-Drawn Tram In Mumbai – Old Photo 1900

This old 19000 photo shows a Horse-Drawn Tram plying with passengers in Bombay or Mumbai. On a closer look with a magnifier, the board on the top of the Tram reads Victoria Gardens To Colaba. It was similar to Calcutta’s Horse-drawn Tram system which started in 1873.

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The Bombay-Horse Tram started a year later by 1874 and by 1907 it was electrified. While Madras started with the first electric Tramway in India (1895). Except for the Calcutta Tramway(still in use), both the Bombay and Madras Trams ceased operations in 1964 and 1953, respectively. The photo is small-sized but characterizes a valuable history of Mumbai.

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Did You Know– Calcutta’s Tramway is the oldest in India, it had the Horse-drawn Tram, Steam Tram & and now continues with the Electric Tramway.

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Year -


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4 x 3 inches

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unknown British Indian