Taj Mahal Hotel On The Coastline of Bombay, 1907 Photo

taj mahal hotel on bombay's coastline

A view of the Taj Mahal Hotel on the coastline of Bombay (Mumbai) shown in this 1907 photo. The Taj Mahal Hotel stands majestically on Bombay’s coastline facing the ocean. It is flanked on the right by the Greens Hotel and the Royal Bombay Yacht Club’s annex. On the left side is the Art Deco apartments.

The Apollo Bunder where the Gateway of India was built in 1924 can be seen on the right edge. The Apollo Bunder, once officially designated the Wellington Pier or jetty. It was the chief landing place for overseas passengers arriving by ship. And a popular promenade where musical bands and military parades took place.

Jamshetji Tata constructed the Taj Mahal Hotel facing the Apollo Bunder Jetty. Where Indians and Europeans could freely socialize. The adjoining high-rise annex was completed in 1972 on the site formerly occupied by the Greens Hotel. The architecture of the Taj has been described variously as ‘Moorish’, ‘Eastern’, and ‘Indo-Saracenic’. Jamshetji moved away from the Gothic style in vogue for public buildings at the time.

Did you know – the architecture contains several elements from public buildings. Like the Victoria Terminus, BB & CI office Churchgate, Municipal Corporation, and the Royal Alfred Sailor’s Home

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