The Residency Lucknow British India – Old Print 1850

This old print is from an 1850 book. The Residency was a huge complex and the official home of the British Resident General in Lucknow.  It went through the most dramatic battle scenes of the Indian Mutiny or Sepoy Rebellion in 1857, played a significant role in the siege of Lucknow. At the time of the mutiny, Indian soldiers fought a hard battle against the British to take control of The Residency.

There were 3000 white inhabitants inside, 2000 of them died in the months-long battle. After 6 months of the battle, reinforcements arrived, that saved the rest of the 1000 inhabitants.  The building was so damaged in the conflict that it became unfit for human habitation. It still stands in its ruins as a testimony to the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857 even today.

This original 1850 print shows the very building that was at the center of the Indian mutiny before the assault. Read more- The Lucknow Residency.

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