Aerial View of Rashtrapati Bhavan & Parliament, 1948 Postcard

Aerial View of Rashtrapati Bhavan & Parliament, 1948 Postcard

This is an old 1948 postcard with an aerial view of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament in New Delhi. The view includes the Central Secretariats and other important buildings. The city looked bare unlike what it is today this was because it was only 17 years old, actually a newly built city. Planned and designed by the famous British architects Edwin Lutyens and Henry Baker.

Although King George V announced in the 1911 Delhi Durbar that they would shift the capital from Calcutta (Kolkata) to Delhi. But it was only by 1929 the Parliament Building was opened. They entrusted two British architects Edwin Lutyens and Henry Baker with the design and planning of New Delhi. Edwin Lutyens and Henry Baker also had designed the Parliament building.

The Central Secretariats and the magnificent Government House, now the Rashtrapati Bhavan were their other notable works. See my post- Rashtrapati Bhavan & Parliament New Delhi – Old Photo 1933. Lutyens and Baker received knighthood in 1918 and 1926, respectively. The aerial view shows the government buildings of New Delhi beautifully planned and in close proximity to each other.

Did you know- the land in Delhi is covered by 20% forests, and uniquely it is the second most bird-rich capital in the world.

From the collection- Vintage Oleograph Raja Ravi Varma “Vishnu On Sheshnag”.,  Rare Nilgiri Mountain Railway Steam Locomotive Drawing.,  Antique Print-Plan Of Suratta or Surat c1720