Worli Fort In British Era Bombay, 1930 Print.

Worli Fort In British Era Bombay, 1930 Print

A 1930 print of the Worli Fort in British-era Bombay (Mumbai). The picture shows the Worli Fort, the Mahim Fort is sometimes mistaken for the Worli Fort. The Mahim Fort is some distance away from the Worli Fort. The origin of the fortress is a bit sketchy, although built by the Portuguese in 1561. But after Bombay or Mumbai was gifted to King Charles II of England as dowry by the Portuguese in 1661, the fortress naturally came into the hands of the British.

King Charles II of England married Catherine of Braganza daughter of the Portuguese Royal Family. This vintage print shows the pristine fortress and the surrounding landscape in the 1930s, unlike what it is today. Even the sea seems to look pristine in those days. Like Worli Fort, the Mahim and Bandra Forts too were built by the Portuguese. All three are in close proximity to each other.

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Did you know- the strong fortification has a freshwater well and a temple inside. 

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