Old Photo – Vintage Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Camera of 1975

This is an interesting photo of a vintage 1975 Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Camera. Text at the back reads- “tv cameras provide security in all directions” / “Miami Herald Staff Photo By Mike O’Bryon” / “Date Used Jun 25, 1975”. Also, a handwritten text that reads- “Greyhound Bus Lines”. Most likely this security device would have been installed at the Greyhound bus station in the USA.

Although this rare photo does not relate to a Past India. But it caught my eye for its unusual subject and I could not resist adding it to my collection. CCTVs also known as video surveillance was first used in 1942 by Germany to observe the launching of the V-2 Rocket. Read more- CCTV was first used by Germans in 1942 to observe V-2 rocket.  

Even in the 1970s to around 10 years back it was almost unheard of by the common man. But today the market is flooded with this wonderful security gadget. Shown in the image are the multi number of cameras protruding from a semi globe housing that is fixed to the ceiling. And doing what it knows best quietly snooping on the activities at the bus station.

Did you know- the first video surveillance camera was installed in a New York street to monitor crime in 1968. 

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Photo Details

Year -


Photograph Size -

8¼ x 6¼ inch

Photographer -

Mike O'Bryon