Vintage Book 1897 – In India Or Bombay The Beautiful


Book title: Vintage Book In India Or Bombay The Beautiful
Author: Rev. George W. Clutterbuck
Publishers: The Ideal Publishing Union Limited
Year: 1897
Pages: 331, including illustrations
Dimension: 7 x 5 Inches

This is written from the view of a Britisher, more of a Christian view of British era Bombay, now Mumbai. The subjects covered in the book are about Colaba, Byculla, Thull Ghaut, Bhor Ghat, and so on.

Mumbai was a beautiful place in the late 19th century. According to old-timers, there was some charm to it until the 1960s, likewise on Madras and Calcutta until the early ’70s. Thereafter rapid development and financial position of these cities and people changed rapidly.

So much so people and the political states started earning well, but the development and preservation of the cities went out of the window. Many historic buildings, boulevards, parks, and so on were either not maintained well or were badly restored.

Japan would carefully restore any of its old buildings or legacies in need of repair using their old tried methods and supervised by dedicated experts. This is not the case with present-day India, dedication, and materials used to restore old legacies would not be up to the mark.

Although there were plenty of good consultants in the restoration field the proper skill was lacking with the supervisors and laborers.

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