Surrounding Buildings At Apollo Bunder In Bombay – 3 PCs 1900


green's hotel

Three old postcards show the surrounding building at Apollo Bunder In Bombay. The postcards date from 1900 to 1910. The first postcard shows quite a number of buildings with a wide approach road to the Apollo Bunder. The building on the left is the former Green’s Hotel, and on the right is the Royal Bombay Yacht Club’s annexe.

The Royal Bombay Yacht Club is situated to the right of the annexe not visible here. The 2nd image again shows the Yacht club’s annexe on the left with the Yacht club partially visible on the right. Behind the Yacht club is probably the Watson Hotel’s Annex which later became the Dhanraj Mahal.

What appears to be the central tower of the Bombay Secretariat is seen at a distance in the background. Another constantly seen structure in most older pictures is the open shed shown on the left. There is not much detail on the shed but it was probably to house the horses used for the trams. The 3rd image is of the Green’s Hotel itself that once lay adjacent to the Taj Mahal Hotel. But later replaced by the hotel’s tower building after it was bought off by the Taj group in 1972.

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Did you know – that the Apollo Bunder was once a landing place for fishing boats in the 19th century. But by 1924 it would become the site of the Gateway of India

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