Panoramic View Of Colaba & Esplanade Bombay, 1907 Postcard 

colaba and esplanade


A 1907 postcard with a panoramic view of Colaba and Esplanade in Bombay (now Mumbai). This is a of a virgin Colaba and Esplanade at the time of British-era Bombay. It is shown in maps as a tongue of land, about 20 km long and 5 km wide. The Colaba Causeway was completed by the British East India Company in 1838. This was to connect the southernmost islands of Colaba and Old Woman’s Island to the main island of Mumbai.

Looking to the right are a number of tents pitched on the Esplanade. Near the center is the Esplanade Bandstand, at left (not pictured here) is supposed to be the row of Government buildings. Cotton mills with their tall chimneys are visible on the left. Colaba railway yard and reclamation are in the near foreground. Further up near the Colaba Point is the military cantonment area. The Back Bay can be viewed on the right. This postcard comes with an interesting handwritten message, see the images.

Did you know – Colaba Island before its unification was a dense jungle, Koli fishermen were its main inhabitants for thousands of years.

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