New Delhi The New Capital of India, Old Print 1931

An old 1931 print reporting the news of the inauguration of New Delhi the new capital of India. This print is a page from the French weekly “L’illustration” dated 4th March 1931. The first images show the arrival of the viceroy escorted by his mounted bodyguards. The second image is that of the parade of military troops.

The third image is of Lord Irwin the Viceroy delivering a speech at the inauguration. There is also another post of the inauguration of Delhi. A reference from a 1931 newspaper reads- “New Delhi can be said to have been born at two o’clock on Tuesday, December 12, 1911. The great Durbar was drawing to its interminable close.

At the end, His Majesty rose, and made a short announcement. Immediately a flutter of excitement ran around the stands only to be stilled by the massed bands striking up the national anthem. Afterwards it was learnt that his majesty had said: “We have decided upon the transfer of the seat of the Government of India from Calcutta to the ancient capital of New Delhi….”

The history of the making of New Delhi is safely stored in the vaults of London. Debates relating to the shift of the capital from Calcutta (now Kolkata) to Delhi. Across Britain documents on the selection of the site, the acquisition of land, appointing architects, etc are archived in institutions. The design and layouts were awarded to architects Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker the rest is history. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- New Delhi is the second most populous city in the world after Tokyo.

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