View of Colaba & Back Bay Bombay In 1800s

This is an old 1910 postcard with a view of Colaba and Back Bay Bombay from the 1800s. This beautiful postcard is a print of a painting that shows Back Bay and Colaba when the area was in its natural state. South Mumbai is like a pincer-shaped landmass. With Malabar Hill on the northern tip and Colaba on the southern tip with a ‘C’ shaped Back Bay shoreline in between.

King Charles II of England married Catherine of Braganza, Portugal in 1661. The Portuguese Royalty gifted King Charles a huge dowry out of which the seven Islands of Bombay (or Mumbai) were a part of the dowry. King Charles after taking possession leased out the sparsely inhabited islands to the British East India Company.

The company saw huge potential in developing it into a major city by uniting the seven islands into a single landmass by reclamation. East India Company also foresaw a perfect setting for a beautiful deep water harbour, which is now part of Mumbai Port Trust. The far-flung areas show the view of Colaba and Back Bay and the future projects of Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach, and so on. Click on the photo for better view.

See post Back Bay From Malabar Hill Mumbai, Old Print 1870.

Did you know- by 1780s Bombay was a port-town of considerable significance with a population of more 1,00,000. 

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