Grant Road Railway Station British Era Bombay, Old Photo 1870

grant road station

An old 1870 photo of Grant Road Railway Station in British-era Bombay, now Mumbai. Established in 1859, the Grant Road Station was the first terminus of the Bombay Baroda & Central India Railway (BB & CI). It connected with Surat in Gujarat in 1864. Later the line was extended to Churchgate in 1870 and then to Colaba in 1873.

However, the Colaba Terminus Station Station was closed down in 1930 in view of upcoming reclamation work. Thus Churchgate became the new Terminus from 1930 onwards. After 1870 railway development was rapid. Although the Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway (BB & CI) came into existence in 1860.

They extended their railway lines in western India. Partly by creating new lines and partly by acquiring lines run by the Indian Princely States or built in cooperation with them. It opened up two new direct lines to Delhi, one via Surat, Baroda, and Ratlam. And the other via Ahmedabad and Ajmer through Rajputana (chiefly Rajasthan). Grant Road Railway Station was named after Robert Grant, Governor of Bombay from 1835 to 1839. The BB & CI is now the Western Railway.

Did you know – that in 1865, a suburban service began to operate between Grant Road and Bassein Road (now Vasai Road).  

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