Row of Public Buildings British Era Bombay – 5 PCs 1900

public buildings bombay

rajabai clock tower

Five postcards from around 1900 showing a row of public buildings in then British era Bombay (Mumbai). The buildings include the famous trio of Bombay High Court, Rajabai Clock Tower & University, and Secretariat. It faces the Oval Maidan in the foreground. The Back Bay was once nearer to the row of public buildings before it was reclaimed. Which widened the distance slightly.

Although not visible here, a portion of the Back Bay was reclaimed and was called the “Back Bay Reclamation Project” in the 1920s. It involved the creation of the Marine Drive and Promenade, the Art Deco apartments, the business district, etc. BB & CI Headquarters, Flora Fountain, Prince of Wales Museum, and Bombay Docks are close to the public buildings.

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Did you know – that the Oval Maidan occupies 22 acres of lush greenery and is one of the largest recreation grounds of the city

Pasts posts – Vintage Oleograph Raja Ravi Varma “Vishnu On Sheshnag”., Apollo Bunder Before Building the Gateway In Bombay, 1880 Photo., Lord Curzon Flamboyant Viceroy Of India, 1903 Print., The City Of Old Delhi Map 1877.

public buildings bombay

high court & rajabai clock tower

high court