High Court & Sir Richard’s Statue In Bombay, 1900 PC

High Court & Sir Richard's Statue In Bombay, 1900 PC


An old 1900 postcard of the High Court and Sir Richard Temple’s Statue in Bombay. Conspicuously visible as well is the Rajabai Clock Tower. The Bombay Secretariat building lies in this same row but lies hidden by the trees. The ground on the right encircled with coconut palms is the Oval Maidan.

This scene of the Bombay High Court and Sir Richard’s Statue is from the British era. Richard Temple was the governor of Bombay from 1877-80. The statue was placed on what is the north end of the Oval Maidan in 1884. But citing nationalist problems, the statue was removed in 1965. It was then placed at the Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Byculla (Victoria and Albert Museum). The same place where Queen Victoria, the viceroys, and other governor’s statues were dumped.

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Did you know – he died at his residence in England in 1902, from heart failure. 

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