Viceroy Lord Curzon’s Cavalcade Bombay, 1905 Postcard

Viceroy Lord Curzon's Cavalcade Bombay, 1905 Postcard

A 1905 postcard of Viceroy Lord Curzon’s cavalcade in Bombay (Mumbai). Driving through the Esplanade Road in Bombay. Escorted in a state horse carriage in an impressive cavalcade of Indian and British troops. Curzon became widely known after his stint as the viceroy of India from 1899 to 1905 albeit a bit unfavorably.

He was reappointed as the Viceroy in 1904. But resigned in 1905. A flamboyant man and overly zealous in his colonial duties. He was responsible for the partitioning of Bengal in 1904. Which upset the Indian nationalists and revolutionary movements in the country. Upon this single act, Curzon became one of the most unpopular of the viceroys that once ruled British India.

However, his tenure also had a good side. He commissioned the restoration of the Taj Mahal to its old glory which was until then severely neglected. He improved the education system, the irrigation system, the police force, etc. Curzon firmly resolved to stamp out British mistreatment of Indians by imposing harsh punishment on the Europeans. In turn, he incurred the wrath of the Europeans in India for this. He resigned in 1905 after a power struggle with Lord Kitchener regarding the control of the British Indian armed forces.

Did you know- Curzon, once famously said, “As long as we rule India we are the greatest power in the world. If we lose it, we shall drop straightaway to a third-rate power.”

From the collection- Raja Ravi Varma Commemorative Stamp Folder., 1974 Photo Kerala Cargo Boat On The Backwaters., View of Harbour From Mazgaon Mumbai – Old Print 1897., Old Book 1945 – Airway To India.