Kalbadevi & Horse Drawn Tram British Era Bombay, 1890 Photo 

kalbadevi & tram

Old 1890 photo of Kalbadevi and horse-drawn tram during British era Bombay (now Mumbai). The street looks almost deserted devoid of any heavy traffic or jostling crowds. A lone horse-drawn tram seems to be on its run in what was once a quaint picturesque street, surreally unhurried and uncrowded far from what it is today.

Kalbadevi is in the neighbourbood of CSMT in the south, the port in the east, Opera House in the north, and Marine Drive in the west. The East India Company encouraged skilled traders from other parts of India to settle in Bombay in the 1860s. One of the places chosen by the migrants was Kalbadevi. The horse-drawn tram gave way to the electric tram in 1907.

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Did you know – according to 19th century reports tigers were still seen in the Bombay suburbs during the 1840-50s. One was seen in the densely populated area of Kalbadevi as late as 1859 and another at Malabar Hill.  

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