View of Cumballa Hill Mumbai, Old Photo 1890.

An old 1890 photograph with a view of Cumballa Hill in Bombay, now Mumbai. Cumballa Hill is in proximity to Malabar Hill on the south, Mahalaxmi on the north, and Altamount Road on the east. The Arabian Sea is on the west. This was once a wooded area dotted with bungalows set in large, forested compounds typically as shown in this photograph.

You can see a beautiful virgin hill with bungalows of the once-British residents of the area. These Britishers had worked or did business in the Fort area of South Bombay. Cumballa and Malabar Hills were exclusive to Europeans as their residential stretch. In the earlier days much before this photo was taken, the place was heavily forested with no inhabitation except for minuscule original inhabitants.

It was overrun with wildlife like tigers, leopards, wolves, etc. This virgin landscape has now metamorphosed into a literal concrete jungle. Today it is crowded with commercial buildings, and highrise apartment blocks, home to Mumbai’s rich and famous. Going furthest south on a finger of elevated land that protrudes into the sea is Malabar Point. It is where the British Government House, now the Raj Bhavan is located. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- in 1803 the Times of India reported some presence of hyenas…the animal was believed to be roaming around this habitat. Another was the jackal.

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