British Troops In Nizam’s Hyderabad, Old Photo 1900

A 1900 photo shows a lineup of British troops at a photo session in Nizam’s Hyderabad. A man can be seen holding an umbrella on top of the porch. That is probably part of one of the palaces of the Nizam of Hyderabad. The field camera can be seen on his right covered with a black cloth. The umbrella and the black cloth provide shade to get a clearer view of the screen.

Some of the British Troops standing below are posing for the photo shoot. Governor-General Richard Wellesley arrived in India in 1798. He was determined to curtail British India’s rising French influence. He demobilized the Nizam’s Indian forces. Which was under the command of a Frenchman and his European subordinates.

The British then restructured the units and integrated their own officers into the ranks. The revamped Nizam’s army had fought along with the East India Company troops. At the Anglo-Mysore wars and defeated Tipu Sultan. The Nizam’s army units earned praise from Arthur Wellesley. He was the British commander of troops in the Anglo-Mysore Wars and the brother of Richard Wellesley. Click on the photo for better view.


Did you know – the Hyderabad ruler was barred from having foreign troops other than British. They were also not allowed to employ any non-British foreign nationals.

From the collection – M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Drawing 1964 (#19)., 

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