Viceroy Visits Nizam’s Hyderabad, Old Print 1911

An old 1911 print of British India’s Viceroy visiting NIzam’s Hyderabad. This print is a page from the Times of India Weekly Supplement of Nov.1, 1911. Shown in this 1911 newspaper is the Viceroy Lord Hardinge during a busy field schedule in Hyderabad. The first image shows him in a military review, a British flag flying prominently is also noticeable. The 2nd and 4th images show the Nizam interacting with the Viceroy. Lord Hardinge on a cheetah hunt expedition is in the 3rd picture.

A panoramic view of the impressive British Cavalry’s parade is shown in the bottom image. With Hardinge on horseback saluting the Royal Artillery’s parade. Faintly visible in the background what looks like a huge lineup of cavalry and infantry regiments. In the foreground are a number of high-end motor cars of that period. And watching intently from the sidelines are the British and Nizam’s officials and subordinates. Like the six hundred princely states in British India, the Nizam’s dominion was also a strong ally of the British Crown. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- the Nizam at that time was Asaf Jah VII or Mir Osman Ali Khan, who lived up to 1967. And at one time was considered the world’s richest man by none other than the “Time” magazine of USA. 

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