Parliament House New Delhi Newly Completed, 1927 Print

Parliament House New Delhi Newly Completed in 1927, Old Print

A 1927 print of the Council Chamber or Parliament House in New Delhi that was newly completed at the time. The image shows the new building with construction materials strewn around. The surroundings too seem to have been in the early stages of completion. This remarkable round building would become the seat of Indian democracy.

Designed by two British architects Edward Lutyens and Herbert Baker. Lutyens and Baker clashed about the location and shape of the Council Chamber. Later to become Parliament House of Independent India. They argued constantly, the first plan was an equilateral triangle designed by Henry Baker that would house the three chambers with a central hall.

Lutyens fought against the design because he felt it went against an important part of the larger schematic preparation. He argued for a circular design with the Legislative Assembly Chamber, the Council of State Chamber, and the Chamber of Princess. Which were linked to a Central Hall (see image). The British committee on the New Capital decided in favour of Lutyen’s.

Much controversy and criticism raged over the building of Parliament House. That ranged from comparing it to a bullring to questioning the cost of the wide, extravagant corridor ring with its numerous pillars. Spread across five acres of land this circular building is 570 feet in diameter. Has a very wide veranda enclosing the interiors, arranged with 144 pillars, 27 feet high.

The inner walls of the veranda have curved jaalis and open spaces. The Legislative Assembly is now the Lok Sabha. With its visitor’s gallery looking down into the well of the chamber. The Council of State is now the Rajya Sabha. While the Chamber of Princes is the library. The Central Hall with its dome is used for joint sessions of the two houses and for hosting international functions.

Did you know- that New Delhi was born at two o’clock (2 pm) on 12 December 1911, after King George V proclaimed it to be India’s new capital at his grand Coronation Durbar.

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