British India Era Steam Locomotive – Old Photo 1935

This is an old 1935 photograph of a British India Era Steam Locomotive. In 1853 the first railway journey was over a stretch of 21 miles from Bombay, now Mumbai to Thane. This event had made history! See my post- Antique Print First Passenger Train From Bombay to Thane 1853

Extract from a 1953 Indian Railway book- “Among mechanical contrivances introduced during the modern scientific age, perhaps nothing has so caught the imagination of the common people, especially the younger folks, all over the world as the steam locomotive, sometimes referred to as the ‘Iron Horse.’

Even though more recent years have seen the development of the automobile and the airplane, the steam loco continues its spell over younger minds. There is still a fascination in the spectacle of a large engine pulling a heavy train, ejecting steam and smoke high into the air with a rhythmic exhaust beat awakening the echoes…”

This holds true for old-timers where the fascination of the steam locomotives will never cease. Just like shown here of a British era steam loco in 1935. See my posts- Antique Photo GIPR Steam Loco Bombay., and Vintage Postcard Railway Station & Loco, Belgaum.

Did you know- India today holds the fourth-largest railway network in the world. 

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