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Coffee Estate In Wayanad Madras Presidency – Old Photo

An old 1888 photograph of a coffee estate in Wayanad, Malabar. Malabar region was under the Madras Presidency in the British era. Wayanad was simmering with anti-British activities in the colonial era. The rebel activity was led by Kerala Varma Pazhazzi Raja against the East India Company. Since East India Company had business activities of the rich resources of high-quality Malabar pepper, spices, coconut, and so on at their disposal.

Arthur Wellesley from the Madras Presidency led his forces of British soldiers to capture the rebel leader. But that was far-fetched as Pazhazzi Raja resorted to guerilla tactics and he was never captured by Arthur Wellesley. Today Pazhazzi Raja is one of the greatest heroes in the history of Kerala. The British soldiers not usually paid well by the East India Company. They would resort to doing business on the side to make an extra buck.

One of these was the cultivation of coffee that was taken up in the 1820s in Wayanad. It became a huge coffee-growing region all because of the successful cultivation by the soldiers. Today Wayanad produces 90% of Kerala’s coffee. And Kerala ranks second in India’s coffee production.

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Did you know- first discovered in Ethiopia, coffee spread to the entire world from there. During 1670 the beans ws first smuggled into India from Yemen (a fiercely held secret), by Baba Budan after his Haj pilgrimage. 

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