Two Views of Kennedy Sea Face / Marine Drive Bombay – 2 PCs 1900

kennedy seaface

kennedy sea face two views

Two views of the Kennedy Sea Face or  Marine Drive in Bombay (Mumbai) from two old 1900 postcards. Marine Drive was known as Kennedy Sea Face earlier. Named after Colonel Kennedy, who at the time was Secretary of the Public Works Department. It is now officially known as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Road. It stretches in a C-shaped boulevard from Chowpatty to Nariman Point.

The Kennedy Sea Face / Marine Drive In Bombay was part of Bombay’s controversial Back Bay Reclamation scheme during the British era. The first postcard shows the Back Bay waters on the left, and railway tracks on the right. The track led to the Churchgate and Colaba Railway Stations. In 1930 the Colaba Railway Station was shut down and the tracks were removed up to Churchgate. Although the Churchgate station is evidently still in operation. The quaint towers vaguely visible in the distance are that of the Rajabai Clock Tower, Secretariat, High Court, and Municipal Building.

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Did you know – that the C-shaped Marine Drive is around 3.5 km in length, and on the right are the Art Deco apartments.

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