Rare View of Delhi Electric Tram, Old Photo 1950

An old 1950 photo that gives a rare view of the Delhi Electric Tram. Like most other tramways in India that registered their companies in London. Likewise, the Delhi Electric Tramway And Lighting Company was registered in London in 1908. The tram began its first run in 1908, 16 km of track was laid in most parts of the old city. Further expanding over the years to cover a major part of the old city. But akin to Bombay (now Mumbai) and Madras trams, this too ceased operations in 1963.

The reason cited was because of narrow roads and traffic congestion. The Madras (now Chennai) electric tramway closed down in 1953. And the Bombay (now Mumbai) electric tram shut its operations in 1964. The only British-era tramway that still exists is now Calcutta (Kolkata). Although this too is in contemplation of closing down, but this may only be a rumour. Currently, only two routes in the Calcutta tramway are believed to be in operation. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – preceding the Delhi company, there was a Delhi Municipal Conservancy Tramway and Railway that was formed in 1896-97. It operated till 1938 but no further details seem to be available on this. 

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