View of Back Bay From Malabar Hill Bombay, 1879 Photo

View of Back Bay From Malabar Hill Bombay, 1879 Photo

This is an old 1879 photograph showing the Back Bay from Malabar Hill in Bombay, now Mumbai. Which is situated on the northern promontory of the Back Bay. This is one of the earliest photos of the Malabar Hill area. With a spectacular view of Mumbai’s Back Bay and its curving shoreline albeit a bit faint. By the early 1900s this shoreline would be developed into the now famous Marine Drive and its promenade on one end and the Chowpatty Beach on the other end.

The Mumbai Secretariat, Rajabai Clock Tower, and other buildings are faintly visible at a distance. The foreground shows the rough and undeveloped path leading towards Malabar Hill. These rough tracks gave way to newly constructed roads during the British era itself. To suburbanize the new bungalows on Cumballa and Malabar Hill.

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Further down towards the seaside is where the Raj Bhavan is located. Mumbai’s Raj Bhavan was once the British Governor of Bombay’s official residence. Although it was shifted quite a number of times. At first, it was located inside the Bombay Castle, later shifting to Apollo Street and then to Parel. Finally shifted to its present location in 1895. Since then it has served the British and later Indian Governors as their official residence. Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know- that Back Bay’s waterfront Marine Drive also had the nickname “Queen’s Necklace” because at night the curving street lights would shimmer like a diamond necklace. 

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View of Back Bay From Malabar Hill Bombay, 1879 Photo







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