Early View of Marine Drive From Malabar Hill Bombay, 1880 Photo

marine drive bombay

An 1880 photo of an early view of Marine Drive and Back Bay from Malabar Hill Bombay (Mumbai). This appealing photo shows the future site of Marine Drive in a virgin state. The Art Deco residential buildings were not built yet evidently. The Back Bay is shown on the right and the future site of Chowpatty is on the mid-left.

The beautiful wooded area on the left would be dotted by cotton mills with their tall chimneys. By the late 20th century the place would be swamped by concrete jungle. Lakdi Bunder or Timber Depot is shown in the left corner at foreground. Stacks of timber can be seen piled high chiefly for the use of funeral rites and cooking.

The photo was taken apparently from Malabar Hill which itself would have been a much forested area. This complete scenario would change bit by bit. So much so that this place in Bombay, and the city as such, would look entirely different from what it looks in this photo. Girgaon or Girgaum, behind Chowpatty, perhaps may have been a small village at the time.

Did you know – out of the seven islands the Marine Drive Area, Malabar Hill, Back Bay, and Girgaon were part of the “H” shaped island of Bombay.  

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