The New Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Bombay, 1903 Photo

A rare 1903 photo of the newly completed Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Bombay (now Mumbai). A very early photo of the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai. This famous icon looks out majestically towards the sea. It occupies the space adjacent to the Apollo Bunder, and opposite the Gateway of India.

Even though the Gateway Of India was not constructed until 1924. Looking at the photo it is apparent the hotel does not seem to have opened for business yet. Work still seems to be in progress, because work scaffoldings are faintly in around the building. One is on the ground floor at the center, and another is a rope ladder scaffolding running down from the top of the central dome (see close-up images).

This indicates the finishing work being done here and there after its completion. The original look of this Taj Hotel looks a bit different from what it looks today. Some general modifications may have taken place through the years. To see the present-day Taj go to – Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace, one year after reopening.  Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – during WWI it was converted into a 600-bed hospital, just as was the case with the Prince of Wales Museum. 

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