Breach Of The Madras Iron Pier – Old Print 1895

This is a photogravure print dating to 1895. It measures 9.5 x 6.5 inches.  See my previous posts on the Madras, now Chennai pier- Antique Print Madras The Iron Pier 1863, and Antique Photo of Madras Iron Pier 1870Constructed in 1861, it was an open T shaped Pier. With a length of 1000ft, 40 ft width, and “T” head at the end. A breakwater or a harbour was not taken into account to protect the pier.

Because of this shortsightedness, it was exposed to the hazards of the weather and rough seas. And as expected it got damaged in a strong cyclonic storm. A free-floating barge crashed onto it wedging almost in the middle. The raging sea drove the barge more and more into the Pier, eventually splitting it into two. Creating a massive breach that is shown in this image, the jetty was repaired and put into use again in 1875.

Eventually, concrete breakwaters with an opening as protection were constructed. And a permanent Harbour was built in the later years. Today Chennai Port is one of the largest and busiest Ports in the world. Read more about How Chennai got a Port.

Did you know- before the jetty came up masula boats were used for ferrying passengers and cargo from ships anchored at the outer sea. 

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