The Madras Iron Screw Pile Pier, 1863 Print

The Madras Iron Screw Pile Pier, 1863 Print

An 1863 print of the Madras iron screw pile pier. The print is from the Illustrated London News dating to 1863. It measures 11 x 7 inches. Before the construction of the harbour, ships would anchor in the outer sea.

Boats ferried the men and cargo to the beach, these were called masula boats. Because of the frequent arrival of ships, it necessitated a pier.  Once the Madras iron pier (no Chennai) came up, the need for boats diminished considerably. Since the pier helped in routing the passengers and cargo directly to the beach. See my post- Antique Photo Madras Pier View From Parry’s.

In 1861, the British East India Company, Madras, completed the construction. The length of the Iron Pier was 1000 feet, 40 feet broad, with a ‘T’-head.

The Pier was perpendicular to the beach exposed to storms and rough seas. It was damaged twice in violent storms. They proposed a harbor for protection; the work was executed and completed in 1880. They built two parallel concrete breakwaters, almost enclosing the pier as protection. Read about- Chennai Harbour, 1902.

Did you know- Chennai Port, is the 2nd largest port in India today, behind Mumbai (earlier Bombay)

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