The First Viceroy To Arrive In India By Air, 1943 Photo.

First Viceroy To Arrive In India By Air, 1943 Photo

Rare 1943 photo of a flying boat that carries Lord Wavell, the first Viceroy to arrive in India by air. Captioned on the back of this news photo is “Gen. Wavell leaves this country to take up his appointment as Viceroy of India. O.P.S. The departure of Lord Wavell.” Lord Wavell was the Viceroy from 1943 to 1947. Commercial aviation was a risky proposition until the 1940s.

Because of the lack of navigational aids and instrumentation. Pilots had to depend on sight compounded by quick thinking. Especially when they were caught in fog or other atmospheric conditions. But this changed for the better from the 1940s onwards.   Prior to this Viceroys usually arrived by steamer to Bombay (now Mumbai).

From Bombay, they would then board the Viceregal train to New Delhi. The journey from England to India by ship was long it took several weeks. And by flying boat, it took a mere 7 days to reach India. The era of these water-based airliners was completely discontinued by the 1950s. Due to operational and mechanical problems. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know – to a certain extent, it can be said that it was Wavell who did his best among all the Viceroys to preserve India’s unity. 

From the collection – Antique Painting of Madras Fort St George., Horse Trams On Esplanade Road Bombay, 1906 PC., Cannon Accident Fort St George Madras, 1870 Print., Bombay – Antique Bellin’s Map 1764.

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