Tennis Pastime For British Women In India, 1912 Photo

An old 1912 photo of British ladies during a tennis pastime in India. Quite evidently tennis time for the ladies by the look of the racquets in hand. Here too the important lady is shown pictured seated on the right. See her in a previous post European Lady In Hand-Pulled Rickshaw In Simla, 1912 Photo.

The place is Simla (now Shimla) in 1912. Tennis was first introduced in India around the 1880s by British Civilian and Army officers. It became largely popular and rapidly spread mainly in European concentrated areas. So much so that tournaments were held regularly. By the 1900s many Indians picked up the game.

They had even participated in Wimbledon. Sirdar Nihal Singh was the first Indian to take part in Wimbledon in 1908. Likewise, the British introduced or revived many of the sports and games in India. Such as polo, badminton, field sports, regettas, and so on. Click on the image for better view.

Did you know – the first tennis tournament took place in Lahore in 1885. At the time it was in undivided India and is now in Pakistan.

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