Mount Road During British Era Madras, 1910 Postcard

Mount Road During British Era Madras, 1910 Postcard

Old 1910 postcard of Mount Road at the time of British era Madras, now Chennai. Its the age of horse and coach that is seen right in front of the once iconic Hotel D’Angelis. Near the famous Round Tana. The coaches and carriages were probably custom-built by Simpson’s.

Simpson & Co a British established firm pioneered the manufacturing of coaches and carriages from 1840 to 1950. Later venturing into trucks, motor cars, buses, railway coaches, and so on. The company was later sold to an Indian industrialist. The Hotel D’Angelis was an Italian-owned restaurant much desired by European residents of the city.

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Another British established company Whiteway & Laidlaw occupied the building shown opposite the Hotel D’Angelis. Whiteway & Laidlaw were mostly into all types of household requirements, established by two Scottish men in 1882. Like most other British firms the company was sold off after India’s independence. Noticeable on the right bottom corner is the electric tram lines. Electric trams were once a regular sight in Chennai from its inception in 1895 to its end in 1953. 

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Did you know- that Mount Road was built from St Thomas Mount to Fort St George in British days. This was to facilitate the rapid movement of additional troops based at the reserve military camp near the mount. 

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