Italian Hotel Bosotto Mount Road Madras, 1928 Postcard

Italian Hotel Bosotto Mount Road Madras, 1928 Postcard

Old 1928 postcard of the Italian Hotel Bosotto at Mount Road in British-era Madras (Chennai). What you are looking at is the avatar of the old Hotel D’Angelis building. The passing away of pioneer Italian hotelier Giacomo D’angelis in 1919, was closely followed by the unfortunate drowning of his son Carlos in 1920.

Which orphaned the once great establishment Hotel D’Angelis on Mount Road in the British-era. Borne out of Giacomo’s sheer hard work and grit the Hotel was sold to another Italian confectioner Atillio Bosotto in 1927. Who attained a great degree of success after the Governor of Madras appointed them as the official caterers in 1927.

Subsequently, Atillio and his family desirous of returning back to Europe sold their establishment to Muslappa Chowdhry in 1950. He continued the business under the same name Bosotto. Today it is managed by the third generation of the Muslappa Chowdhry family. The confectionery business is now located purportedly in Triplicane. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- Queen Elizabeth cut a cake ordered from Bosotto Bros on the occasion of Prince Andrew’s first birthday on February 19, 1961 when she visited the city.

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