Map Of The Lands Of Tippoo Saheb (Tipu Sultan), 1792 Map

tipu sultan's map

tipu sultan's map

A rare 1792 map of the lands that were possessed by Tippoo Saheb or Tipu Sultan in 1792. Following his accession of Malabar, Maratha, Nizam, and Canara regions. The dominion of Tipu was divided after his defeat and death in the 4th Anglo-Mysore War in 1799. It was divided among the British, Marathas, Carnatic, Nizam, etc.

Tipu assumed command of Mysore State from his father, Haider Ali at the early age of 29. He governed Mysore for nearly 20 years. And had a hatred of the East India Company, whom he believed wished to seize his State. He vowed to destroy the British completely. Four wars were fought between Mysore and the British (Anglo-Mysore Wars I, II, III, IV). It was the capture of Tipu’s great fort in Bangalore and Seringapatam that had a deep psychological effect on him. The fierce battles fought in the 4th Anglo-Mysore did him in.

Did you know – that Tipu identified with tigers, and adopted the tiger’s stripes as his personal motif. 

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