16th Century Malabar Coast Sailing Ships – 2 Old Postcards

Two old 1910 postcards on 16th century sailing ships off the Malabar Coast. European countries in the middle ages scrambled to find the source of the exotic spice- pepper. The secret was finally revealed by the Arab traders who came calling to Lisbon port each year by threats and intimidation. With the secret revealed, the Portuguese set sail halfway around the world in 1497 towards India.

To the undiscovered land of Calicut or Kozhikode on the Malabar Coast. For the black gold “pepper” that was much prized in Europe. The expedition, with Vasco Da Gama the captain, landed in Calicut, India in 1497. The Zamorin received them with great hospitality. Arrangements were made for the safety and comfort of the new-comers. The translated title from German reads “Sail Ship On The Coast of Malabar.” Click on the photo to get a better view

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Did you know- another Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral led an expedition and landed at Cochin now Kochi in 1500.

From the collection- 1971 Raja Ravi Varma Commemorative First Day Cover., Nizam of Hyderabad VI – Photogravure 1915., Abu’s Tomb Meerut – Old Print 1850.,  Vintage Book – Parry’s Of Madras By Hilton Brown

The images are of the actual items from my collection. And Not a photocopy, pirated, reproduced, or stock photos or taken from other sources.