Tipu Sultan’s Great Seal of State – 1802 Print

tipu sultan's seal

A rare 1802 print of Tipu’s Sultan’s Great Seal of State. It shows an engraving of an official oval seal of Tipu Sultan. The shortened version of the text from this print is as follows:

“The Arabic text in the middle of the Seal is from the Koran. The couplet, in Persian, round the edge of the Seal, appears to be literally as follows: “From conquest, and the protection of the Royal Hyder, comes my title of Sultan; and the world as under the sun and moon, subject to my signet.” The first verse of the couplet contains the name of his grandfather, his father’s, and his own. Tippoo adopted the seal on his succeeding to his father, who died in December, 1782…”

The gold seal was presented to Queen Victoria with other war trophies after Tipu’s defeat in the 4th Anglo-Mysore War. By Richard Wellesley, then Governor General of India.

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Did you know – that Col. Arthur Wellesley the brother of Richard Wellesley was one of the leading military figures in the defeat of Tipu Sultan. 

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