Taking of The City of Cochin – Antique Plan 1744

This is a copper engraved antique plan of the Taking of The City of Cochin (now Kochi) dating to 1744. It shows the Dutch (Netherlands) armada taking over the city from the Portuguese in 1663. First published in 1682, later in English in 1744.

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Shown is an armada of Netherlands battleships bombarding the fort which was under Portuguese rule at the time 1663. The Portuguese had ruled for 158 years before being ousted by the Dutch. The British captured the city after 132 years of Dutch rule which was in 1796.

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The fortification built by the Portuguese was reduced to half its size at the time of the new European rulers. Later the British razed the fortification down leaving only very few remnants today. Click on the photo for better view

Did you know- India’s first European Church the St Francis Church is located in Kochi.

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