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Interior Of A Bungalow In Bombay 19th Century – Old Photo 1890

This is an old photo that shows the interior of a bungalow in Bombay or Mumbai in the 19th century. Bombay had a radical transformation from a cluster of seven islands to a single landmass by reclamation. From an agrarian settlement of little significance to a world city where expensive property dominates now. What had been fishing villages, coconut groves, rice fields, salt pans, and so on had by the 19th century given way to bungalows, chawls, warehouses, cotton mills, railway lines, and docks.

Shown in my earlier post is one such Bombay bungalow- British Bungalow At Malabar Hill Mumbai Old 1895 Photo., see also my post- Interior of Bombay Colonial Bungalow – Old Photo 1883. The British East India Company who owned Bombay invited people from all walks of life to settle down at the Fort area. Encouraging them to open their businesses as goldsmiths, weavers, shipbuilding, bakers, butchers, carpenters, and so on. As the population rose from 10,000 when it was a group of islands to 1,13,726 by 1780 the housing demand too increased. Bungalows were built mainly for higher-ranking Britishers and wealthy Indians. With its long verandahs, commodious rooms, many even had servant quarters at the back.

And beautiful gardens and lawns were a part of the quarters. Read also- BUNGALOWS OF BANDRA – BOMBAY’S VANISHING HERITAGE.

Did you know- reclamation and the construction of causeways had reduced the seven islands to four, by the time the British acquired them from the Portuguese in 1662. 

From the collection- 1964 M. Suriyamoorthy Charcoal Art Abstract (#11)., Mumbai Fort Area In 19th Century – Old Photo 1890., Afsar Jung The Nizam’s Aide’s Horse Carriage – Old Postcard., Tellicherry On The Malabar Coast – Old Print 1922.,  Our Journey Around The World – 1894 Book

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