Imperial Assemblage Or The Delhi Durbar Of 1877

An old print of the Imperial Assemblage or the Delhi Durbar of 1877. This print is a page from the British newspaper The Graphic of January 27, 1877. Shown is the Viceroy’s camp with rows of tents and cannons. And the cannon balls are stacked pyramidically. See an earlier post with a photo of the Viceroy’s camp. Here Queen Victoria was proclaimed as the Emperess of India by then Viceroy Lord Lytton

Known variously as the Imperial Assemblage, Delhi Durbar, Proclamation Durbar, etc. Organized by the British to glorify their worthy achievements. And these for some reason were specifically held in Delhi. The Delhi Durbar of 1877 was the first of the three that would be held in the subsequent years to come.  Click on the photo for better view.

Did you know – medals to commemorate Queen Victoria as the Empress of India, were distributed to the honoured guests during the ceremony.

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