1877 Delhi Durbar Queen Victoria As Empress of India

Old 1877 photograph of the 1877 Delhi Durbar proclaiming Queen Victoria as the Empress of India. The Delhi Durbars were grand ceremonies not seen since the Moghul times. There were three Delhi Durbars (1877, 1903, & 1911). This one was also known as the Proclamation Durbar of 1877.

Proclaiming Queen Victoria as the Empress of India. Organized by T H Thornton, the ceremony was attended by the Earl of Lytton the then Viceroy, Maharajas, Nawabs, and so on. The view is that of the Viceroy’s camp. Visible are officers apparently busy with preparations. Most on horsebacks, and faintly visible at the back is a mounted regiment impressively lined up.

Also noticeable are a row of canons with stacked cannon balls. The ever-present white tents and sun helmets are unmissable. The 1903 Durbar was believed to be the grandest of them all. Organized by Lord Curzon to the minutest detail. Unfortunately amidst all this extravagance, India faced a terrible famine from 1876 to 1878. Where millions of people died. This is a rare photo of the 1877 Delhi Durbar, only a few of them exist today. Click on the photo for better view.

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Did you know- Curzon took an active interest in military matters. In 1901, he founded the Imperial Cadet Corps or ICC. Better known as the NCC or National Cadet Corps today. 

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