Grand Procession Delhi Durbar 1903 – Old Photo

Old 1903 photo of the grand procession of the 1903 Delhi Durbar. This grand cavalcade takes the Viceroy and the Duke of Connaught to the durbar. Known also as the Coronation Durbar or Imperial Durbar. In honor of King Edward VII’s ascendency to the British throne after the death of Queen Victoria. But Lord Curzon the then Viceroy of India and the organizer was disappointed to know that the King would not make it.

In his place deputing his brother Prince Arthur, the Duke of Connaught. Nevertheless, Lord Curzon planned this opulent show to the minutest detail. The coronation celebration would go on for two weeks. There were processions with Indian princes riding on jeweled elephants as shown here. There were three Durbars in the time of British rule in India these were in 1877, 1903, and 1911. They were lavish ceremonies to honor the British Monarchy’s Emperors or Empresses. In a way to show the world Britain’s absolute dominion over India. Click on the photo for better view.

Read more about The Delhi Durbar and the Proclamation of Queen Victoria. See post Procession of Indian Princes Delhi Durbar 1903 – Old Postcard.

Did you know-  Edward the VII was declared Emperor of India. The Durbar was to highlight the supposed glory of the monarchy and its Empire.

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