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Kochin or Kochi In 1730 – Antique Hand Colored Plan

This is an antique hand-colored plan view of  Kochin, now Kochi in 1730. Shows the view of Fort Cochin and its surroundings. More popularly called Kochi that is in central Kerala.

There are thirteen notations at the bottom of the Plan in Italian. Around two or three drawings of European ships and local boats are visible. The Dutch ousted the Portuguese from Cochin in 1663. They then reduced the size of Fort Emmanuel (commonly called Fort Cochin).

The British later took control by driving out the Dutch. The fort would undergo more changes under the new rulers but ultimately it would be razed to the ground. Thus not a trace of it remains today.

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Did you know- Chinese Fishing Nets dot around the Cochin waters, these are some of the many legacies left behind by Chinese traders before the 14th century.

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